March 03, 2007

It's Saturday, That Makes it Friday

I'm sure that's some sort of meme that's been doing rounds. I'm not quite sure what it means. I think it was actually about Tuesday being Sunday, but that's just crazy talk.

Apologies. Life has returned for me. I've spent today relearning how to remap genomes. And I still have to work out how to fill out my "I can't believe it's not Austudy" forms. And then I have housewarming this evening. I totally forgot yesterday was video Friday. I was so low on links and ideas for posting, I actually saw the videos I had saved, and went, oh better save them for video Friday.

Gosh don't I feel stupid.

But at least I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Let's fix that with a music video by the hip , Scientology = WTF. Party down with L. Ron:

I knew those Sasquatches were involved somehow, but I thought the Easter Bunny would have known better.

I know some theists laugh when people point out that maybe world religions like Judaism (and extent, Christianity), Buddhism, Islam etc. were just made up one day, by ordinary people with big vision, possibly good will, and hope, possibly not; no divine intervention necessary; they say such an idea is incredulous you can't make something up so reassuring and complete. If L. Ron did, in the 20th century no less, do you really think it would have been any harder back in 10000 B.C.E. Africa?


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