March 02, 2007


I have my scanner up and running. Which is bonus for me, and it's bonus for you. You get even better photos. Right now I'm going through my albums from Japan and scanning in the best of best. So I'm going try my darndest (that's as close to a guarantee you get, especially with uni restarting on Monday) to update one photo/photoset a day until I'm done.

Today you are getting what I reckon is my first photo of what I expected in Japan. These girls were tea gatherers in Okayama's Korakouen during a certain festival (sorry, I don't remember what).

This was my second day in Japan. Well, seeing as I arrived at about 4pm the day before, and was shuttled by train to accomodations and fell unconscious fairly shortly after that.

It was a nice day spent walking about in the Sun, which unlike my North American colleagues I found pretty awesome. Korakouen is one of the famous 3 gardens of Japan, and also holds Okayama-jo (castle) which is also pretty cool. You can see some of the pavillions of the festival in the background. It also rained that day (it sort of looks cloudy in the background), which made the crowds thin a bit for the time which I took this photo.

Hope you enjoy the photos. I don't use any fancy equipment. Any photos are generally released as Creative Commons - make sure you accredit me for any usage (and also don't accredit me for other pictures I haven't taken - that has actually happened).


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