February 21, 2007

There's a Riot in Belgium

fooled ya!

It's a band (Riot in Belgium) who don't have anything remotely interesting so I can't link to them.

Anyway, people do tend to be upset about riot police a lot. While, riot police are there to hit people with sticks, it does seem more and more that the reason that riot police are there just so they can hit people with sticks...

I think that I might be confusing people. Riot police generally have batons, asps, tear gas, capsicum spray and occasional high speed projectile devices (errr... guns, cannons and other firearms) so if the need absolutely arises they can tame an angry mob. Sometimes you can't help but wonder if some people sign up just because they really really want to tame angry mobs for a living, and even go so far as to create angry mobs to tame.

This neat little Yahoo Q.A. top pick answers what I think is just tops:
If you were a riot police officer would you take well to people throwing stuff at you? Please explian...
(Asker's Pick)
It's what you signed up for. Riot officers are there to control/stop riots with the least ammount of incidents. And that means keeping calm and in control of their own actions. If it were me, I'd hold my riot shield out and continue my job until the crowd/situation dispersed. Police work is not to be taken "personally". Otherwise, no one would/could do it.... (Don't get me wrong, I'd most likely make fun of and/or mother "f" the idiots back at the station, but that's as far as it'd go)
It's a good line: "It's what you signed up for". And it's true. If you become a riot officer, you should expect to be involved in riots, and above all, be expected to keep your head.

That said, throwing rocks at riot police, no matter how stupid they are, is, well, stupid.


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