February 16, 2007


Sometimes applications pay off.

Earlier this week I received notification that I was successfully chosen as a recipient of one of my faculty's 18 Honours Scholarship. The value of the scholarship is $3000. I'm still a bit hazy if this money I'm am given free reign with (to use in a responsible manner), or if it's mandatory that I put it directly towards my HECS debt.
"This Scholarship is provided to assist you with expenses related to your degree. This can include the repayment of some of your student contribution fees."
A clear condition is that I must successfully complete my honours in the allotted timeframe or I have to work out how to pay the money back.

Incidentally my HECS debt was last reported as over $15,000 Australian (which puts the $3000 gift in perspective). Thanks Aussie Government for lending me the cash. Too bad the Imperialistic factions of the government have been successful in changing HECS from a supercool automatic low interest loan, to more fee-like loan system. Let's hope the idea of HECS doesn't slip away entirely (though, in general I've been happy with the direction of Tertiary study options in Australia lately - just keep them open to people).

Still no word as to when I start doing university stuff though. C'mon Dr. L. Normal uni will start soon...


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