February 16, 2007

New Sponsor

Actually, doesn't this mean I'm sponsoring them... I'm not sure. I'm supposed to get money anyway. I guess that's why it's called an affiliate program.

Thanks Christian at Dirty Microbe for giving me the details on how to sign up. Hope the automated system comes up smoothly.

So forgive me while I post banners into my picture space.

My picks from the site are:
  • Cutting isn't funny. Well, unless you are teasing lolligoths.
  • This one is just mean. And I just blogged that! Ha!
  • I don't understand your primitive code jokes.
  • Oh, and too many SOA(mf)P jokes on the internet these days. (Though, I'm sure DM was quick to jump on the bandwagon)
Anyway, visit the site, make up your own mind, and buy something after clicking on it from this site. Contribute to that growing U$3.57 the Internet collectively owes me. Or not...


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