February 16, 2007

I'm not dead yet!

Is it a Monty Python or genetics joke?
(Yes, i did make that wikipage to explain this joke, but it's still factual...)

Anyway, recently read the poor fate of Lal Bihari via wikipedia.

Poor Mr. Bihari has been the victim of a kind of identity theft that appears readily common in India (and who knows where else). Not content with merely masquerading as the farmer in order to steal his land, they have gone and officially pronounced him dead. Mr Bihari can't do anything now, as the fascist state India doesn't allow dead people to conduct business. Maybe he should think a move to Ankh Morpok? It's also not a crime to kill people who are already dead, so it's a bit of a dangerous state to be in when you are still of a breathing, walking and talking nature.

Mr Bihari appears to be an ideal optimist and has made the best of his situation, demanding his wife be awarded a widow's compensation, running for governmental office and even forming an organisation of likewise fated fellows of a similar legally living challenged nature. These days the Mritak Sangh has over 20,000 members, only four of whom have been reinstated into the ranks of the living (2004 data).


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