February 21, 2007

What's Scary? : Organised Religion

I spent a good part of last week reading up about Scientology and Xenu crap. I found this documentary: Panorama's 1998 - The Road To Total Freedom, which gives a good look at Scientology when it was much more of a scary cult in the public's view. (It's still a big scary cult, just like the Vatican).

Organised Religion really scares me.

It's designed on secrets, misinformation and circumventing people's thinking all in the name of a greater good. Isn't that the same as godless communism?

Secret writings are not the work of organisation based on truth.

The video does offer some interesting information about the social psychology of scientologists - why they are very quick to abuse detractors, and why they act so deadpan in the face of any abuse/criticism. I wonder if various Intelligence agencies utilise the "yell at inanimate objects" drill to train operatives.

While we're on religion, let's have a flashback to a remix (slightly biased, it removes all the intelligent things said by ESPN spokesguy) of CNN's crappy dish on atheists panel.



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