February 21, 2007

Hooray Science: Condom Crush

Clever boffins at My Science Project tried to see how many condoms you might theoretically be able to apply to a penis at once. Of course it's probably good they used a prosthetic substitute as the final findings were:
The results of our experiment indicate that putting a large number of condoms on an actual male sex organ would most likely result in severe penile injury. First, the pressure exerted by the condoms would result in constriction of circulation in the penis and probable tissue damage. Second, if left unsupported, the weight of the condoms would pull the penis and scrotum downward and could possibly result in injury to the penile shaft or base of the organ and groin. Again, we repeat, do not attempt this experiment with an actual penis -- severe injury may result.
For pictures, details, and the horrible image of a hacksaw being applied to representation of physical manhood, visit the website.

Awesome, and very cool science you can do at home.


At Wed. Feb. 21, 11:28:00 am AEST, Blogger John said...

You know some drunken frat boys are going to decide that this sounds like a great idea for a contest. Faced with that possibility, I think we all have a responsibility to see that this article gets the widest possible circulation. Do it for Darwin.


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