February 19, 2007

Ted Haggard: So not Gay...

Despite admiting to sex, drugs and money (aww... no rock and roll) with a rent boy, former Rev. Ted Haggard formerly president of the National Association of Evangelicals has been pronounced "completely heterosexual" by a board of his peers (read: religious stuffy types who just may have an agenda of harm minimisation).

Through required assignments on various diseases transmitted by sexual means, myself and a lot of a few of my biomed buddies discovered the United States medical publication illuminati has this whole new category of sexuality for guys, who despite having sex (often unprotected, with multiple partners, and involving recreational drugs) with other males, are totally not gay and also often married: MSM or men who have sex with men.

Something is seriously wrong with your society when an entire social construct can be based on the idea of " I am sticking my penis up this guy's ass, repeatedly and consensually, on a regular basis, BUT I'm not a homosexual, nosiree".

If it quacks like a duck...


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