March 02, 2007

Almost Human: Armed Chimps

Seriously, chimps are HUNTING WITH SPEARS. Is noone scared. We've all seen where this can lead. It will be a sad world if Mark Wahlberg can say "I told you so".

Okay, seriously this time, speciest alarmism aside, this is totally freaking cool. These are, as far as we can tell, totally new behaviors. We are witnessing a whole new intelligent society forming amongst chimpanzees. This is there Tool Age. If we follow a Civ Tech Tree we should be seeing inventions like Ceremonial Burial, Alphabet, and Agriculture. Why isn't this getting more news?

What status do chimpanzees have to reach to be accorded similar rights to humans? Yet we still continue to hunt them, keep them captive and destroy their habitat. That sucks.


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