March 08, 2007

Send me to Germany, please

Mich nach Deutschland bitte schicken....

There is a cool Biotech Law/Ethics/Business summer study program going on there in July/August (at Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany). It may be European, but it still sounds cool. Everything course-wise is English, but they also include a multi-level German language course (which is in German). All I need is 1,900 Euro...

...which translates into about $3,200 AUD, so given my scholarship is only $3,000, and I've spent most of that in my mind already, and plane fares are on top of that cost, I won't be going on this little trip. Sigh.
"The Law and Economics of Biotechnology in Europe" is a four-week intensive course based on the assumption that biotechnology-derived products have the potential to positively change our society – from improving health care and increasing agricultural production to contributing to a more sustainable environment. Students with a career interest in this field should be equally acquainted with the pertinent scientific, commercial, and regulatory background, including ethical considerations.
But it still sounds cool. I remember going on Biofutures 2000 all the way in Brisbane. I think we were only superceded in distance by a lass from Townsville.

On another note seeing things, like I went on Biofutures 2000, its now 2006 (heading to 2007?), plus undergrad first years saying things like "You finished high school the same year I finished primary school", it's making me feel old. It's totally not cool.

Anyway, I could maybe afford this trip if you bought like 1000 t-shirts or something. Or I could buy a Wii...


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