March 14, 2007

Oh, What to do with a drunken astronaut?

NASA has plans. On how to deal with a man (or woman) in space case who becomes a space case in space, just in case.

It actually relates to some lady astronaut who drove across the united states with knife to kill the girlfriend of another stronaut in whom she was involved in a affair with, or some minor trivial thing like that. Seriously, I heard nothing on this here in Australia, I pretty much have between two to three different news shows on each day.

I love the little bulletted "highlights" CNN has on the NASA plan story:
  • NASA has a plan for dealing with a mentally unstable astronaut in space
  • Instructions: Bind the astronaut's wrists and ankles and tie them down
  • Inject the out-of-control astronaut with tranquilizers if necessary
  • A gun would not be used; a bullet could pierce a spaceship and kill everyone

Rightio, I don't even have to summarise it now. It's all there. They didn't even need a bullet point per page of the NASA document.


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