April 05, 2007

Coming up next on Sick Sad World

I really liked Daria.

Sick Sad World moments were just icing on the cake. Wikiquote has the entire listing of Sick Sad World voiceovers.

I would have tried to come up with my own, but I think senseless television seriously rotted my imagination.

Astute readers may notice I've been tagging (you know that multicoloured list of words under each post) with sick sad world. I'm using it to distinguish from simple wtf. SSW is for things that just go from beyond the point of bizarre to that disgusting and depressing state you get in when you just think "What has the world become for this to be considered amusing, interesting, or worst of all, normal". When the world proves to you that it can sink to a new low, that's sick and sad.

Also irl for non l33t stands for "in real life". They are posts that aren't about the news, a video, or something someone else posted on their blog. It's whats happening to me. The internet gives me a right to narcism.


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