August 22, 2006

The Amazing World of Podcasts

I am getting so into Podcasts.

What got me hooked on this phenomena:

Sexy Lala at TikiBar TV (oh, it is hilarious too)

It's educational too. You get entertained and learn how to make cocktails all in one. And even better it's free. If its not free and educational, I'm not subscribing. I guess that makes me an intellectual tightwad or something. Screw you.

Anyway, after enjoying nonstop TikiTV for 3.4 hours, I needed more. What else does iTunes offer for free subscrition? Can't go past a bit of man's man How To directives straight from French Maid TV (you can't tell me that's not educational! - there is even saftey warnings).

For true educational goodness I can go to Nature's podcast, which must be clever, it's hosted by a guy with a really annoying British accent. Nevertheless, the interviews and inside science goss is pretty good. Though it does get hard to actually concentrate on other activities when you are actually trying to listen to your background noise I've found.

Another true educational (and free!) find was TalkSushi, it may not instantly make me a magnificent Japanese speaker. But, I can feel more confident knowing that i understand pretty much the whole lesson on ordering food, and of course the one on rude Japanese slang, downright. YOSH!

Japanese, British, French, and ... errr... Tiki... these are all foreign podcasts - but Asutralians are in on this gig too.

You no longer have to stay up late, at home, till about 10pm-ish to catch Chaser's War on Everything. If you are American (or anywhereelsian) and want to learn about modern Asutralia, jump on board. I'd call it Australia's answer to The Daily Show (can't get that on podcast, Comedy Central tightwads), but don't hold me on that claim. These satirists are willing to get themselves arrested in the name of good humour.

John Safran himself has acknowledged that over 2 hours of him talking about politics, news and miscellaneous crap with aged Catholic priest Father Bob could be construed torture minus the songs, nonetheless JJJ still has Sunday Safran available (and its educational too!), and i am still subscribed to it. Safran is way better suited to TV (or at least commercially broken up radio). Editing helps some people piss you off less.

Lastly I just subscribed (like as I am typing these words...) to JTV, which apparently I can download on to my PSP if I'm game for it. However I need to delete all that porn I "accidentally" downloaded into my memory card and can't get out (sadly this true). JTV better have some good Fisting to make up for it.

I just found two more podcasts that are looking good: Ask A Ninja and SciFri (which one looks more serious?)

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