August 09, 2006

More Food... and some nasty cheese

Not about to assault your wandering eyes with that image with you forever...

Here's my lunch:

This was created from I-can't-believe-it's-notsoba noodles, bacon, capsicum, onion, soy sauce, barbeque sauce, sweet chilli sauce, chicken stock and some herbs. Oh and parmesan cheese. (more on that later).
Most things i cook comtain bacon, capsicum, onion, soy sauce, barbeque sauce, sweet chilli sauce, chicken stock and some herbs. Oh and parmesan cheese.

They then get served in a large bowl and coated in grated cheese and tomato sauce.

This is the cheese that was nasty.

It is a nice shade of carrotty orange, if don't you know your parmesan, this is not the right shade of yellow it should be. It also smelled half decent. And was crusty like sand. Another give away was that it was overdue back in April '06 (I was in a different country back then). The second weirdest thing was that this was likely the cheese my sister delivered to Mum's when she left at the end of May (meaning it was already overdated then).
The weirdest thing was that my Mum gave me about 15 minutes of a crappy lecture on not to throw things out of her fridge without checking first. Now you know why I'm noy¥t entirely impressed to be back home.
  • Mum is gluten intolerant, and hence not supposed to be eating this powdered cheese in vast quantities (she says she wasn't so vastly affected by this cheese, mayhap whatever biofilm had started growing had eaten away the gluten)
  • The cheese had changed colour
  • There was a noticeable odour change
  • It was all chunky, well actually kinda one big chunk
  • It was nearing 4 months past its use by date
  • It's a DAIRY Product (barring eggs, which could be considered dairy by some, nothing goes nastier than dairy)
  • You shouldn't keep deteriorating contaminated products with your other products unless you have to
Mum really doesn't take my scientific qualifiactions as health "expert" any more than anybody else who actually knows me in person, but I do think that the above criteria are worth either buying a new $4 cheese jar, or going without said cheese (which isn't a dietary, or even culinary, necessity) for a few weeks.

Camera phone + bluetooth means more beautiful personal posts like this. Now, if I can only get HTML skills to create a wrap of the text.

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At Thu. Aug. 17, 08:46:00 am AEST, Blogger Kate said...

Because it's about CHEESE, I must say something. I have been referred to on numerous occasions as "Kate the Safety Dog." This is usually in conjunction with some concern I have over food safety or bacteria (I AM NOT germ phobic - don't listen to them) or the like. When it comes to food safety, I usually play it really safe. Cheese is different. Good cheese usually IS aged. Mind you, the change in the taste and texture is not ALWAYS pleasant, but it is not unsafe. Cheese came about (among other reasons) as one way to KEEP dairy products edible for longer periods of time. I'm not a huge fan of overly crusty Parmesan, but if you don't buy it pre-grated, you can just cut the crust off and it usually is still tasty (if not tastier).

If you are still skeptical, think of it this way: What is blue cheese? IT'S MOLD. It's delicious mold. Penicillin is mold, too, of course, but that's different and I shan't tackle EVERYTHING all at once.

Fromage pour toujours!!!

Kate of

Le Monde de Kate Du Fromage AND

Le Monde de Kate du Fromage Bleu

P.S. On the second site, I like to YOU (I have to use "ass" sparingly on my first site - choice of audiences - thus two blogs). In good ol' days, you linked to ME (my first and main site). You have abandoned me. That's worse than a knife in the eye.


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