August 24, 2006

Pee without Water

Apparently Queensland is in the worst drought ever... (again...)

While we seem to have a total aversion amongst the populace against drinking treated waste (that there really isn't any non-waste water source - even rain is pretty impure these days) - some advances in water conservation technology have been made to help us out.

Taking a slash at the local shopping center, I came upon the new invention of waterless urinals. Although blatant sales and marketing, the website does have some good information on why urinals are gross, why current methods suck, and why care about water conservation. They focus on actual hygeine, rather than just odor blocking as well as water conservation; good on 'em.

More on waterless urinals at ABC Science Show. There's also some links for other companies with waterless urinals - waterless no-flush (US) and watersave Australia - they seem to just focus on water conservation/odour blocking only though.

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