August 27, 2006

Snakes on a MutherFucken Plane!

[warning this mutafucken blog entry may use muthafucken course language]


This was movie that would have to try supremely hard to fail to deliver what its title advertised -
and boy, does it deliever muthafucken snakes on a muthafucken plane!

Not only does it have muthafucken Samuel L Jackson, it has hardcore Aussie, Nathan Phillips, as the unlucky targets of some crazy Korean gangster's attempt to stay out of jail. If you pay attention it's actually a social dialogue on the fate of children in single-parent families - but you are generally too mutherfucken busy watching out for those muthafucken snakes on the muthafucken plane.

SoaP lives up to expectations as utterly ridiculous and unbelievable, is chock full of product placement (Sony muthafucken Playstation saves the day), stereotyped characters, one liners, and of course lots of snakes and lots of violence - actually it exceeded my expectations on the gore level - some of the worst muthafucken injuries are not caused by the snakes. You do have to practically wait the entire movie for the "muthafucken snakes on a muthafucken plane" line though. But it is worth it.

It's definitely better than muthafucken Anaconda.

One of the girls I went to see the movie with has to fly to muthafucken Bermuda today. Good muthafucken luck.

disappointed that this muthafucken news story about a SoaP prank, turned out to be a hoax.
But the truth, that a rattlesnake actually snuck into the theater all by itself, is actually scary and freaky enough as it is. If you found a snake in a SoaP theater, you'd freak out, but you'd expect it to be a muthafucken prank. That the snake just got in tehre by itself is muthafucken creepy.


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At Sun. Aug. 27, 07:02:00 pm AEST, Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

Great muthafucken post .. I wish SoaP dould have done better at the box office so far, but for me it delivered exactly what it promised, a big ball of B-movie fun


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