August 27, 2006

Stopping All Stations on the Hard Road

It's , it wasn't really going to make much of any sense. Dominated by racially ambigious young city males, it is a growing music industry that increasingly speaks to the youth of the nation.

I went to a concert last night. I'm pretty sure it's actually my first ever live music concert, which is kind of sad. I also got the privelage of crowd-surfing, owing to me being not-the-smallest-but-certainly-the-lightest of my group. I managed to keep my wallet and phone in pocket, but somehow the crowd managed to remove my belt. The masses of young white horny males at any Rockhampton event makes that really really really suss. Really.

I also learned that I should definitely wear my glasses everywhere. And it doesn't make me any more alluring to Aussie ladies. It just means I'm more prone to looking stoned, and walking over people I should know.

Here's some pics, a bit grainy cos a mate was screwing with my phone, putting it back on shitty-resolution mode. Another mate explained to me the cup of coffee on my main page was nothing to worry about, it's just there for Java. (And I do know what Java is - I'd just never noticed the coffee cup before, I thought it was something to to do with my snooze alarm or something).

The Living End and Something for Kate are both headed towards CQ next month. Hopefully I will have the spare dosh to catch one of those.

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