March 22, 2007

Breaking not broken

Sorry for that break in usual transmission. I'll blame the ever growing enormity of what seemed such a relatively simple molecular biology project, a couple of disputes on wikipedia, internet connectivity, wanting to take a break from a computer as I know have to use one all day...

I think I'm getting RSI in my "mouse" arm. I'm already oevrtly right-handed (meaning any task requiring one hand I usually use my right one - I've mastered a certain task with my left, let's not go there). Seriously it was so bad I couldn't sleep at all last night. At 6am (yes I got to have the sun rise and birds awaken, and hear a 5am shower) I caved in and took some Ibuprofen (which I was mostly worried might trigger an asthma attack). That scored me four hours sleep.

The only other explanation I could explain is that I somehow twisted it yesterday through the course of swimming, pool volleyball, and bit of boistrous play at the resort.

Anyway hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep tonight.


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