March 09, 2007


Yet another slightly off video Friday post. It's a little Film Ed 101. Take a wander over to ReelPop and get educated on one of favourite genres Dystopian Film. I haven't caught Children of Men yet, but looks like I'll have to try as soon as it comes out on DVD.

I totally agree with GATTACA being number one; and being a totally alarmingly all to easily to be true scenario. I didn't actually catch the pun of Ethan Hawke's character being called Eugene. Oh the irony.

I've gotta confess I haven't seen Blade Runner yet.

THX 1138 sounds like a good idea for a movie, but watching that clip I was just soooooo uninterested. Sorry, I come from a low attention span generation. Dialogue, or at least snappy music is needed to maintain it.


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