March 26, 2007

Pain, Teeth and Angry Sharks

My wisdom teeth are teething again.

I don't really like going to the dentist. This is probably one of those crappy psychological insecurities that have been passed onto me by my mother. I know as an alleged "health professional" (at least by somewhat stretch of my training) this probably isn't a good bragging point.

Anyway, it hurts a lot. Seriously a lot. I'm not on painkillers, I don't like over medicating myself (Again crappy psychological insecurity). Pain makes you feel alive anyway.

But you know it got me thinking about sharks...

Sharks are teething all the time (see point 16). Are they in pain? Seriously? Is that why they are angry? Okay, they aren't "angry". But maybe it could be a reason why they chew on some really odd things.

Any webmonkeys or shark experts (what is a shark expert called?) who can answer that one?


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