March 22, 2007

Mmmmm Yeppoon

Oh. The incredible excitement.

McDonald's has just lodged a development application with LSC for a location opposite the newish BP/KFC and Retravision centres.

Yep. This was masthead (story p10) news in The Morning Bulletin today. You want to know why:
"There have been many rumours spreading across the Capricorn Coast for more than a decade about McDonald's coming to town" (my emphasis)
A decade? The sad thing is that it's true.

Yep. McDonald's coming to town is shocking news for the sleepy residents of the Capricorn Coast. Other recent developments such as the new shopping complex (what we need two grocery stores?), traffic lights (traffic lights create traffic don't they?), the Strand redevelopment (it's beachfront! think of the children!) have been causing a stir. I expect plenty of nasty letters to the editor, probably by the weekend, bemoaning the invading American behemoth, junk food diets and general cause for alarm (did I mention the children!?). Hooray.


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