April 15, 2007

Apocamon: Left Behind Left Behind?

Revelations has too be one of the best (well, most entertaining) books of the Bible.

I remember good old days back in church reading it while trying to ignore "boring" sermons (hey, I was a kid).

It really is "revealing", in that it shows some of the really kookiness that Christians actually believe, or at least should believing, or ignoring in their own private pardox or whatnot. I remember finding Terry Pratchett's opinion, that John was on Magic Mushrooms at the time, absolutely hilarious.

Left Behind was a good, and well researched, fictional version of the Armageddon. But it lacked a certain realism. Call me suspicious, but I think the authors may have had a little bit of bias - and after seeing reports about the video game, they might not be quite right in the head either.

Eschatalogy is a fun hobby, and I also like マンガ style art. So when I stumbled onto APOCAMON: THE FINAL JUDGEMENT, I was over the moon. As a pokemon-armageddon hybrid might suggest, it has a small touch of dark humour. But it is deadly serious I think. It also has good sense of pathos and tragedy in there. Exactly what is the philosophy of a benevolent God sending a legion of demonic insects to reign pain down upon his most prized creation in attempt to sway them back into his favour.

I'm gonna show two screenshots to give a taste for you guys. First, a great caricature of the evil scientific establishment that fundamentalists oppose. I love the T.I.N.G exclamation.
Secondly, just a great subtle highlighting of some peculiar intrinsic contradictions that occur in a man-written religious text. (Both are from Episode Two).

I really wonder if there are any "impartial" bible translations floating around somewhere. I think it would be a good freethinker project, complete with footnotes to contradictions in text, or semi-contradictions, such as where the devil is referred to as "the morning star" and then later on so is Jesus of Nazereth.

APOCAMON is only on the fourth episode, with quite a few more to follow. I hope it keeps on going through.


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