August 29, 2006

Want to laugh at my non-existent Japanese skills

You may have failed to notice 日本語で出来る. But I'm not exactly heartbroken.

However I don't want you to miss it translated backwords by google's automatic translator. Don't be to harsh to google though, it's still in BETA. がんばって!
The mother of the child said “all right, it is lovely, probably will be”, that, the child was pushed. “[yada] - - - - - -, we fear the child!”With you shouted, it cries it began. It is lovely, so probably will be?
I need to find a community Japanese class.

In the meantime I am actually finding Talk Sushi's podcasts very good still.

In other news I have work! Not only am I volunteering at a local zoo. I'm starting pizza delivery tonight. Yay! Biomedical Science graduate.

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