September 03, 2006

Sydney Brothel Offers Clients Fill Up Discounts

Dirty minds...

Sex is cheap enough as it is, I'm talking about fuel discounts. The brothel's owner, Madam Kerry, says its and attempt to "think outside the box".

The scheme is similar to those offered by supermarket chains like Woolworths and Coles. Show a docket and get a discount. However, to save some embarrassment at the petrol station by flashing your 30 minute love stub, you fill up your tank first and present the fuel docket to the establishment to get a discount when you utilise their personal services (if you know what I mean), sometimes as much as 20 cents a litre. As there is no commercial link between petrol stations and the brothels, you could conceivable go to the cheapest bowser and then still get this massive discount. You could probably stack your grocery discount on top too?

Other brothels seem keen to jump on the bandwagon, citing increased fuel prices contributing to a downswing in business.

They also don't seem to mind the press coverage and free advertising on the offers.

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