April 18, 2007

Love Hate Kitty Hello

I'm never buying in store T-shirts again. And if I don't get a scholarship pay out soon, I won't be buying any new clothing soon.

But, seriously, everyone keeps asking me where I got my new set of T-shirts from. They certainly weren't cheap. But I've had them since before Christmas, so they are getting a bit old stick, plus, an unintended consequence of ordering during the pre-Christmas rush meant my order was slightly botched - in that I got far too many plain black T-shirts. Now, I'm emo enough to appreciate a health dose of Black T-shirts, but I have enough mood swings to require some colour too.

I wore "Jesus Helps Me Trick People" on Easter Saturday. I rock out.

When I do get my check, I'm tossing up whether to invest in new affiliates Dirty Microbe, or the ever imaginative Goats.

I was also after a "Back off man I'm a scientist" shirt, but it appears to be a movie quote, I can probably design my own without worrying about infringements. Though I think it would match good old Dr McNinja well (plus I want the new "Ninjas can't catch you" shirt).

Speaking of designing my own, I might switch from the continually stalling cafepress (I just can't log in, it freezes my Firefox and Safari) to Printfection, the home of the range I was actualy writing about.

Keeping it simple on the pseudo-rip-off design from home start up is "Goodbye Kitty" with uber-kawaii depictations of the demise of one of Japan's cutest exports. There is:
  • burnt at the stake
  • electric chair
  • BDSM
  • roadkill
  • milkshake
  • decapitation
  • hanging
  • crucifixion
  • stabbed
  • shot
  • eaten by a dog
No doubt the PETA is not going to be happy with this, though I'm not sure if fictional animals come under their domain, but then again PETA has been classified as "officially nuts" by several global organisations.

What's missing is a nice collage, a la the classic (banned? discontinued?) Many Deaths of Kenny South Park T-shirt.


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