May 01, 2007

Discrimination! Think of the Children! Yarrr!

I may not be believer, but I think Pastafarians should quickly band together to aid poor Stacy Snyder.

Stacy was denied her Teaching degree from Millersville University the day before her graduation, to have it replaced with a lowly English degree (not that there is anything wrong with that). The problem with her disqualification was that it was based solely upon a single MySpace profile photo that shows Stacy in a pirate's hat drinking out of a Mr Goodbar plastic cup with the caption "drunken pirate". The faculty stated the reason for the degree change was that she was encouraging underage drinking. Stacy is a 27 year old single Mum, she was 25 at the time the photo was taken, the legal drinking age in the States is 21.

OMG. Drunk. Pirates. In the classroom? It's the endoftehwoorld!!

This is ridiculous. Noone can really expect tecahers not to drink. That would be insane and socially irresponsible (think suicide figures, I'm half serious on that). Would it be any better if she wasn't in a pirate costume? That's just silly. I don't think "drunken fairy", "drunken police woman" or "drunken suburban moll" should really gain any preference over the others.

What I can't work out is what's more ridiculous about this - that they can't actually prove she is drunk or even consuming alcohol, because its an opaque chocolate bar sipper - or - that it's a freaking myspace profile picture, is the university cyberstalking its students?

This all transpired last year. Snyder is now suing the university for about $75,000 for ruining her lifelong dream. Good on her. Dr Jane S. Bray hopefully won't be Dean of Education for much longer - unless she manages to bring some more convincing proof of professional misconduct.

Oh. And Snyder studied to be a science teacher - the United States definitely needs more of them.


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