May 01, 2007

I still don't get Asian bras

No, this isn't a jab at Asian women being flat chested (not that there is anything wrong with that).

They just don't seem to be understanding the correct point of a bra.

I mentioned earlier the ad campaign encouraging push-up bras because it will make you the subject of unsolicited sexual harrassment... we have a bra that turns into a bag.

First I think awesome! Mostly because there is a fairly hot airbrushed girl in red lingerie on the page.

Secondly it's environmentally friendly. Now, I'm not able to read a lot on that page (I'd show it to a Japanese girl I met, but I think I'm already freaking her out), but what little I can suggests it is being touted as an ecologically sound alternative to plastics like those green bags.

But is this really practical.

I don't wear bras, so i'd be happy if those females who do visit this site contribute to the discussion - I'm only a mysoginist on Wednesdays (that's 30 minutes away, so be quick) - but I'm sure when your shopping - while your bra might be at ... erm... hand... I don't think you are going to be able to just whisk it out at the register in front of the poor gawky check out boy to put your milk and eggs in. (Aren't you glad I didn't say meat and veg...)

It's a bit like building a Gundam. Sure it's cool. And yeah it will get the job done. But it's a little impractical and I can see some serious potential for mass collateral damage and mayhem to be caused.

It's called "Bra Ranger" so don't get upset about that analogy.

On that note I am going to sleep...


At Wed. May 02, 02:47:00 pm AEST, Anonymous Viks said...

Women have been using their bras to hide things in since they have been around (without taking them off). Cleavage can be very handy, at times!

Safety pins
Tissues *cough*
Pencil erasers
Important bits of paper

...all things I have stored in my bra at one point or another.



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