May 21, 2007

There is No God - Part III

I've dissed Dawkin's for being a poor presenter. I agree with the message and his points, I'm also not a fan of pussy-footing about the issue, so his direct approach that "It's time for rational people to speak up" is great. It's just in Root he comes across as arrogant and unprepared, I really like my snotty kid learning about Santa metaphor. No matter how right you are, and how wrong your opponent is, Meta:DICK still applies.

Then I brought in Denton as a comparison. While being a better and more entertaining documentary IMHO from Denton's honed personality and tact; it still lacks the firepower of Dawkins atheist enlightenment. It also isn't helped that Denton is still a bit hung up on respecting religion, as far as I'm concerned around 40,000 years enough to expire WP:AGF.

What's my solution? Well, T.I.N.G. is far from production ready (someone buy me Flash MX and we'll see about a pilot), so I don't have one. Sort of a hollow ending. Sorry... I'm only human.

Let's look at various videos that have been dying for their own video Friday in my bookmark list for a while:

Youtube/BBC 2: The Most Hated Family In America - Youtube appears to be removing this (it had the whole series up before, it's rethchingly sobering). These are the sorts of American fundamentalists that provide an appropriate contrast to radical Islam. The Westborough Baptist Church. Notice you can still point these bunch of mindless trollops as to the fundamental difference between Jesus message of Peace, and Mohammed's message of Love, Pastor Phelp's does not condone violence. You can also witness the irrationality to instantaneously oppose them by the American public, not because they hate gays, not because they are loathesome idiots, but because they dare side against America and her troops... *sigh* dogma vs dogma

Memri TV - Muslim kindergarten abuse - I saw this before I heard about Dawkin's comments that "Catholic child" should be irreprehensible as a concept, I have to wholeheartedly agree. This is a good contrast to the above documentary which notes how Phelps' ministry has brainwashed children into hate. Here I'll explain why I'm calling Islam "Mohammed's message of Love" - the dogmatic end of love for someone is doing anything for that person - including killing, whether it be animals, bystanders, yourself, or even the object of your affection. This is not a well thought out idea, so don't hang me on that statement. I've mentioned before that I taught Sunday School at a local church. Sometimes it makes me icky to think I was a part of this brainwashing machine.

Youtube: imrational - A pretty good explanation of what skepticism really is. Some skeptics (like the Australian skeptic society) should look at this. Being a true skeptic means skeptic of the sun rising up every morning. It even means being skeptic of skepticism. It's a slight cranial exploding to focus on, but its rational and reality. It's also a good kick in the balls to snide Tripplehorn.

And finally so you don't get upset about my three page bashing of Dawkins: Here's Dawkins in his new and improved Super Sayon form commenting on the poor plight of Athiests in America. Far better prepared for questioning, and able to express his points in a better manner. I guess writing a few books and a couple of world tours does stuff to improve your public discourse skills.

There may be no god but there is hope for the world yet.

Now I gonna use my magic time bending powers to put these posts in anachronistic order. BWAHAHAHA.


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